Rejuvenating Therapeutic Facial Treatments -


Feel the stresses of your life completely melt away with a soothing therapeutic facial from the professionals at Knuckles-N-Knots. Our Day Spa in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia, offer extensive services that soothe the body, mind, and soul. In addition, we have incredible customized treatments designed to facilitate healthy, beautiful skin for men and women alike.

Facial Treatment -  Facial Treatments

Does your skin need some rejuvenation? Are you tired of walking around feeling like your skin just isn't looking its best? A refreshing facial may be the answer. Our facials are designed to not only repair damaged skin, but protect your skin for the future. During your facial, your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. And when we're through, you'll come away feeling better about yourself in an instant.

Facial Scheduling Requirements

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to appointment time. If you are running late, you will be provided service for the rest of the scheduled time at full price. There are no exceptions.


MicroZone™ Facial - $40 / 20 Minutes

During each MicroZone treatment, our Dermalogica™ expert will analyze your skin then preform a targeted treatment. Flash exfoliation gives you that radiant glow, revives tired eyes, promotes age repair, rehydrate and replenish dry skin. Double cleansing clears up congestion and relieves redness and irritation for sensitive skin.

Your skin will look and feel instantly healthier! This is a great pick me up for men and women.

Teen Facial - $50 / 30 Minutes:

Good skin starts young. This educational facial not only thoroughly cleans the skin, but also helps teens to embark on a lifetime of good skin care by providing facts about what really causes acne and other skin problems.

Relaxing Facial - $55 / 30 Minutes

Enjoy a quick pick-me-up and a great way to revitalize your skin and spirit, perfect for lunchtime getaways. Your face is treated to a power cleanse, steam, masque and hydration.

European Facial - $80 / 60 Minutes

This facial dramatically improves the foundation of your skin by adding vitality and leaving skin looking radiant. The European Facial cleanses, conditions, moisturizes, rejuvenates, and relaxes the tension of the face.

 Anti- Aging Facial - $95 / 60 Minutes

This facial refines, lifts and hydrates skin to a new luminosity. It entails double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage using massage serum which is fortifies and protects skin at the cellular level and strengthens the skin also increases elasticity moisture content. Followed by double masque: super firming and skin age appropriate masque. Scalp and hands massage included while the masque is on.

Hydrating Facial - $95 / 60 Minutes

The ultimate answer for dry, thirsty skin, this treatment quenches skin with a mega-dose of moisture allowing hydrating and it will leave even the most parched skin looking firmer, brighter, softer and smoother.

Acne Facial - $95 / 60 Minutes

The acne treatment utilizes lactic and salicylic acids along with sulfur, to help normalize sebaceous gland secretions, lighten pores and eliminate impurities to stimulate cell renewal.  Its oxygenation properties help keep skin clear, smooth and radian while an antibacterial current is used to soothe and calm the skin.

Deluxe Spa Facial - $95 / 90 Minutes

For the busy executive and people on the go! Relax and surrender your cares of the world and receive a Demagogic scrub, followed by a beautiful Swedish facial massage, illuminating or hydrating face masque, with this treatment you will relax and renew your vital energies.

Back Facial - $115 / 60 Minutes

Let us pamper the part of you that is so hard to reach. This relaxing and nurturing treatment is similar to our Spa Innovations Facial. This is beneficial for all individuals interested in keeping the appearance of the back and shoulder area in good condition. These areas are often neglected in routine day-to-day hygiene. A deep steam cleansing and exfoliation is followed by a hydrating and clarifying gel masque. Extractions are done if needed. Light massage and moisturizer finish off this treatment.

Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip / Crystal - $100 & Up

Microdermabrasion Diamond Tip / Crystal (With a Mini Facial) - $135 & Up

Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, residual scars and uneven pigmentation with a concentrated mechanical exfoliation.  This treatment strengthens collagen and elastin formation.  The results are a firmer, toned and more youthful looking skin for both face and body.  Suggested to use one of our Demagogic moisturizers with SPF daily after treatment. 

Enzyme Peel With Mini Facial - $110 $ Up 

Chemical solution is applied to the skin that exfoliates fine layers of dead skin. The new, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The new skin is also temporarily more sensitive to the sun. Suggested to use one of our Dermalogica moisturizers with SPF daily after treatment.

Treats fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth. Wrinkles caused by sun damage, aging and hereditary factors can often be reduced or even eliminated with this procedure. However, sags, bulges and more severe wrinkles do not respond well to peeling. Mild scarring and certain types of acne also can be treated with chemical peels.


Enzyme Peel - $75 $ Up 

Using enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy soft skin.  This allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture. This is ideal for dry, rough and wrinkled skin. Contains only fruit enzymes for a gentle exfoliation for the most sensitive skin. This is good for any ethnicity.  

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