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Rewards Program

Rewards ProgramFor our valued, repeat clients we would like to inform you that we now offer an electronically maintained rewards program. Designed to replace our popular "$10 off after 5 massages" cards, this program allows you to accumulate even more rewards. Points are awarded based on dollars spent (for every $40 spent you get $2 worth of rewards points), and once you reach $10 in rewards points you can choose to redeem towards a purchase or just continue accumulating points. Points can be redeemed towards any service. Please visit the services section of our website to explore the variety of spa services that we offer.

There is no need to sign up and no need to try and keep up with a card. We take care of it for you!

This is our way to thank our loyal customers for your repeated business and we look forward to seeing you at

Knuckles ‘N’ Knots soon!